Weight Loss Surgery Regrets

Submitted by Meg Wilson on March 25, 2015 - 13:56.

Here are some eye-opening comments from readers who wanted to express regret about their weight loss surgery. These people left their comments on Isadora's weight loss blog on a post about surgery going wrong.


I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to those who have posted their searingly honest, painful and tragic stories here.

I am passionately opposed to bariatric surgery for all but the very heaviest, genuinely near-death super-morbidly obese patients. Even with this group I feel that hospitalization, medical treatment for co-morbidities, stabilization and so forth COUPLED WITH a clinically safe, supervised diet, would do far more good.

Butchering peoples’ insides is barbaric, and is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. WLS is sold less than honestly; pretty pictures are painted of vast weight losses, improved health, longer life… when all too often the opposite is true. People usually have no idea that their WLS could so easily and quickly become a major factor in their own early death. The list of chronic and often disabling conditions that often follow WLS is both staggering and terrifying.

Patients are simply not being told the whole truth. Who, if they were aware of the risk of hernia, bowel obstruction, adhesions/problems with scar tissue, internal leakage, malnutrition, malabsorption, anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, neuropathy, teeth falling out, hair falling out, joint pain, joint degeneration, osteoporosis, auto-immune disease, even sudden heart failure (and much much more), would even THINK of having, say, a gastric bypass?

Patients would be far more likely to run, screaming.

I have friends who have died from WLS. And other friends currently suffering, day in-day out. All too often when real problems kick-in the WLS providers simply don’t want to know. Patients are too often left to get on with life, even the severely ill. Check it out online, folks, PLEASE, before you take such a drastic and largely irreversible step.

Cutting-up, disconnecting and then re-connecting/relocating the stomach and small intestine is major abdominal surgery. Very serious surgery. Why would anyone even consider having this done? Think about it, I mean, REALLY think about what WLS entails.

Worse from the patient’s point of view, hunger and cravings do not always go away. Oh no! Very often they not only remain but increase over time. Most patients REGAIN their initially fast losses within 5-10 years or less. Often people find themselves in a vicious circle of being unable to eat or enjoy food, and of becoming weak from persistent vomiting and diarrhea, whilst at the same time slowly but steadily regaining weight!

As brave posters here have said, their loved ones have LOST THEIR LIVES as a direct result of WLS. The glossy brochures and bright, positive, happy, clappy websites (often run by WLS providers yet disguised as ordinary-person PRO WLS forums) all paint a deceptively welcoming picture of the supposed benefits of WLS. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU – deliberately deceiving people in order to make more and more money.

WLS is a totally profit-driven industry and those who promote it can be very aggressive and heartless to those already suffering or even seriously questioning the short and long-term health issues concerned. Many ‘forums’ feature group attacks on unfortunate members that post less than super duper happy messages. Those who question what they were told (and not told) and those that complain of real complications and worries are often BANNED and kicked off the board!

I hope this post will come across as deeply sincere and heartfelt, because it is.

I would love to help those already suffering – if only by offering a truly sympathetic and understanding ear. I have been told that patients who get sick feel they have nobody to talk to or at least nobody that BELIEVES them and medical aftercare/remedial work is said to be shockingly poor.

Bless you all. Something has to be done about the scandalous power selling of WLS. If anyone knows of a pressure group I can join to lobby for an end to routine WLS, please let me know.


I live in London UK and my mother died from this evil wrong surgery and why??? because its only ever promoted as wonderful. N0-one knows what can and does so many many times go wrong, and when it goes wrong please believe me they DO NOT know what to do with you! They left my mum to die, after infection and infection, her stomach tore and for 8 months leading to her painful death that hole still hadn't closed in 8 months she went from being obese to classed as malnutrition it was the worst thing any human could suffer she couldn't even hold down fluids!

please please anyone who is reading this considering it please i beg don’t. my mum wasn't even 50 years old. It’s so tragic and just to add from that one hospital there is seven other people dead! please i know its hard work but go diet clubs get help as to why you’re overweight but not surgery! i would have my beautiful mum here today if she could just love herself big and beautiful!


I was only 23 when I decided to have bariatric surgery. I am writing this because I have been through the worst year + of my life.

I had went for the whole big thing. Rerouting and such. The surgeon pretty much terrified me into believing this was the only solution, that if done any other way, if something went wrong, it may not be able to be fixed. So with full confidence I showed up for surgery and thought it would be the end to my “problems”.

I was most certainly mistaken. A three day stay in the hospital turned into 16 days. During my initial surgery, my epidural block fell out! I can remember them transferring me from the operating table to the stretcher. I was screaming, “please help me! someone. please, it hurts!”. I do not remember an entire week of my life, in which I am told I almost died and was very nasty.

After the first surgery I was in a lot of pain, they took me for a test and left me in a wheelchair to drink this chalky liquid in a freezing hallway until the tech was done with his lunch. Turns out the pouch wasn’t sewed well enough and anything that they were making me consume was just flowing right through me. Back in for surgery number two. Apparently they cut me open and I threw up in my lung cavity. It started to crush my lung. I was in the ICU for 5 days, almost had a heart attack and eventually needed to have a PIC line installed. Ending my stay I was sent home with one tube still hanging out. For an entire month. They only tell you the good things about surgery, never the bad.

It has been over a year and I have spent every holiday in the hospital and visit the ER at least once a month. I have had my gallbladder out, a hernia removed, countless times where I was internally bleeding from an ulcer or something was stuck in my small intestine. I have stopped counting the tubes of blood they have taken. It has been upwards of 24 tubes in two weeks. I recently found out that I am unable to retain iron. Therefore, I will need iron IV therapy for the rest of my life.

And regardless of all the pain, the worst part is the emotional toll it leaves. The nightmares will never go away. I am going to have to deal with multiple issues for the rest of your life. No one tells you that this surgery doesn’t fix anything. If you were self conscious before, guess what, you still are after. It is awful. If the surgery will save your life, go for it, but please, read stories from both sides first and take the time to think about it. Best wishes.


My mother has had a Lap-Band for 4 years. She did lose 50 lbs, but then began vomiting all of her food and had horrible re-flux. She was diagnosed with a stomach hernia caused by the band and had the fluid removed. That seemed to cure the problem so that she is able to eat again, but it was really gross.


I have been through twelve months of hell. I am pleased finally I have found someone who wants to hear about weight loss surgery gone wrong. I want to scream to anyone considering it, “DON’T DO IT”.

I researched for twelve months before deciding on a Gastric Sleeve Resection. I decided a lap band wasn’t for me as I travel overseas a lot and one surgeon said as I was not prepared to give up biscuits it would not work for me. Two surgeons recommended the sleeve so I went for it.

Within 36 hours of surgery I began getting extreme pain in my transverse colon. (My diagnosis as that is the only realistic explanation, but who am I? I just live with the pain.) I was told maybe I had kidney stones. Then maybe gall bladder. Then I had a leak (haematoma) from the staple line and the liver was affected.
Then my appendix was allegedly gangrene.Then I got a staph infection in the wound where the appendix was taken out. Because of my constipation, I can’t drink enough water in 24 hours, I needed a haemoroidectomy. Oh the agony when I got two anal infections.

Hello, why all these infections? Oh, I have developed a blood disorder, Auto immune nutropenia (diagnosed by a bone marrow biopsy, more pain) and this means I am susceptible to infections. Then my calcium levels in my blood are high. Oh hyperthyroidism. We have to remove the parathyroid adenomas.
Five weeks later, another staph infection. Ten days in hospital on antibiotic drips as I cant take oral antibiotics or a lot of tablets including anti arthritic tablets after weight loss surgery.

Was I told this pre-surgery? No way.
Have I lost weight? Sure. I mean when you throw up at every family event and any time you eat more than a hundred grams of food you sure lose weight. I have lost fifty three kilos in less than a year, but have had months off work. I have had to use my holiday leave for sick leave. Anybody considering weight loss surgery, talk to me at darlingwenda@hotmail.com. I will talk you out of it!! The true story needs to be told. No one wants to hear it.


Thanks much for these reader comments. If you have undergone weight loss surgery and would like to tell others about your honest experience, please leave a comment at Isadora's blog at the post about Weight Loss Surgery Gone Wrong

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